Cocktails v Mocktails

Yes, that’s right, there is a new trend in town ladies, and is has brides chomping at the bit. It is common knowledge that women love to indulge in a cosmo or maybe a mojito or two, but did you ever consider having a night out on mocktails? No this isn’t a joke, women all over the UK are making the decision to do ‘Juice crawls’ where you go from juice bar to juice bar to swap your gin and vodka for a less sinful kale and orange juice.

Sound interesting? Health experts have backed the juicing trend with studies claiming that juicing has many benefits for your body, and can help detox you ready for the big day. So, with benefits including clear skin, weight loss and a better immune system its no wonder brides are flocking to plan their hen parties at juice bars. But what do the guests think of this trend? I interviewed one lucky lady who was to attend a juice bar crawl around London (The hub of this latest trend) who said, “I think it’s a great idea! Why not get a health kick and have a catch up with the girls at the same time? As for a hen do, I am still to be persuaded, I can’t guarantee we won’t end up in some bar craving a round of shots come midnight!”

Want to give it a go? Why not head to London, and try the latest trendy juice bars where they offer hen packages at a fixed price, including mocktail flaring and mocktail classes. One bride who rushed at the chance to have a hangover free wedding said “I adored my mocktail night with the girls, everybody was very busy so the only night I could fit a hen do in was the evening of my wedding, which worked out perfectly. I decided to pick something where we wouldn’t suffer from a hangover for the big day, and I felt comfortable inviting my mum and gran to which was lovely. Keep the alcohol for the main event is my advice! I even made it into a fun event by printing my own t-shirts with healthy slogans as a bit of a laugh, my favourite was Hale the Kale! The girls loved it”

So what is a girl to do? Why not please both worlds by organizing a day trip around the juice bars and a lunch out, that way you can invite all ages and groups of friends and have the chance to catch up whilst treating your bodies and souls to a pamper with some nourishing new recipes and drinks. Then, head out for a cocktail or two after, that way you can compare the two and enjoy a naughty treat, after all you wouldn’t want an unbalanced diet!

Fancying a DIY hen? Juicers are now available from a variety of stockists and you can host your own party at home, just buy in a load of fruit and veg and look online to get the latest recipes, let the juice loose!

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