A New Era for Hens

With modern day living becoming increasingly expensive, it is no wonder that brides are deciding to host DIY hen parties. Tired of people splashing out on a big party, or taking their girls away on a costly holiday, brides are deciding to rebel and go for a more personal and unique experience instead. Apps and websites such as the popular ‘Pinterest’ offer tons of ideas for hen parties and for DIY projects for events, so it is to no surprise that women all over the UK are deciding to have a go at creating their perfect hen do, at a fraction of the cost.

I had a look into some of the ideas and projects that are available on the internet, and can honestly say that this new era of ‘Make do a mend’ parties looks like a whole load of fun, and it offers shreds of personality and originality, something which every bride struggles with both on the hen do and at the wedding. Because there is so much more media and publicity surrounding weddings in modern times, brides often worry that their day won’t be remembered or stand out as different to other brides. It seems that this worry is now also shared with hen parties.


One bride said “I really wanted to host something different for my girls, to show them how special they are to me and to enjoy our time together to celebrate the most important era of my life so far. I decided to have a DIY party at my house, where it felt more intimate. Because I decided to throw a big house party it meant that more money was saved for the wedding, but also I could spend more time putting thought into the details. I decided to personalize drinking games, give each hen a homemade gift, and even made cocktails named after friends. The girls had a great time and they all relaxed as there wasn’t a formal feel or any pressure like there might have been if we went out somewhere, they also liked the fact it was a cheap night! However, the icing on the cake for me was being able to have my young daughter join in and have my granparents come round too as it went on all day… and into the evening!”

It seems that not only do you save money by having a DIY hen party, but also most guests and brides comment on how intimate it is. With the setting being at home, they feel a mix of people and ages can come and go as they please, and it is a more relaxing affair. Barbeques and afternoon tea parties are hot favourites for brides to be. Why not pick your favourite theme, such as ‘Breakfast at Tiffanies’ and run with it? Buy blue balloons or dress the table in fake pearls, make gift shapes cupcakes or host a breakfast party to go with the theme. There are tons of ideas and themes on the internet and lots of decorations available for you to play and have fun with, so why not, let your imagination run wild!

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